Kieran Sweeney

About Kieran Sweeney

Former Program Director for Version 1, the largest indigenous IT Consultancy firm in Ireland. Version 1 employs over 1,000 people in the UK and Ireland and has a turnover of 80 million Euros. (Winner of the Deloitte Best Managed Company for 5 years running.) Kieran joined Version 1 in 2006 (when it had less than 100 employees) and was instrumental in its growth to its current status. Kieran is relentless in his pursuit of technological and digital innovations that will disrupt and transform the world. He has a deep understanding of how to leverage technology for business and is unrivaled in bridging the gap between technology and the executive table. Kieran began his career in Andersen Consulting following his receipt of a master’s in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 1995 and also a Masters in Executive Leadership awarded in 2010. Kieran is a sought-after speaker and advisor, and he is passionate about helping businesses unlock the power of technology.