Alan Devlin
Chief Executive Officer

About Alan Devlin

Mr. Alan Devlin has always been at the forefront of the digital industry, with a career that spans nearly two decades. His immense knowledge and expertise in this field has allowed him to build strong networks both in Ireland and around the world, giving him unparalleled reach within the tech sector. Moreover, Alan's work in promoting business growth within this field is truly exemplary. Throughout his career, he has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of both business and technology, constantly pioneering innovative ideas and strategies to help businesses thrive. Whether through providing expert advice or spearheading groundbreaking initiatives, Alan is a true pioneer in the tech industry - a visionary who is at the very forefront of innovation and progress.

Since his career began in 1996, Alan has founded and exited several leading digital businesses. He built Ireland's largest digital agency as the commercial director of Webfactory, which he sold in 2015 to start eDot Invest, a digital industry venture capital and incubator that has helped several technology companies reach their full potential. Alan has won numerous digital industry awards and has several other digital industry investments in both domestic and international markets.

Over the last four years, Alan and his team at eDot have been instrumental in generating new business and collaborating with The Data Source (UK) Ltd. to develop and implement new and highly effective business strategies for the company.

In his role as CEO of Argentum 47 Inc., Alan and his team will be responsible for increasing shareholder value, expanding into new markets and restructuring the company in order to absorb and deliver on the company's phenomenal current and future growth potential.