Who is The Data Source?

A remote-first team with the HQ in London located from all around the world.

Who's a part of the team?

The Data Source Team

Robert Stephenson

Chief Executive Officer

Nick Gorringe

Chief Operating Officer

Anthony Ryan

Chief Technology Officer

Andrew Taylor

Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Triana

Chief Marketing Advisor

Mike Sturdy

Director Of Partnerships

Stephen Jones

Head Developer
Who's our partners?

Our Partners

David Lloyd


Alan Devlin


Robert Mbom


John O'Donavan


Kieran Sweeney


"We’re here to drive your business forward. We work with the doers, the visionaries, the decision-makers."

Our Culture

What we believe matters

Thinking Big Matters

Innovation Strategy

Innovation strategy is all about continuous innovation — building an engine that will continuously collect ideas, select the best ones, and transform and execute them into successful projects that create business value.


Leading By Putting People First

Putting people first is a philosophy backed up by a set of actions which prioritizes the people of an organization above all else including shareholder value and profits, even if it means that leaders must make personal sacrifices.

People and Business

We Stand Together

We believe that engaging in dialogue and taking a positive stance toward equality can help any organization grow and thrive.

A Creative Mindset

Not just for artists and poets

Creativity is a mindset, not an accomplishment. The creative mindset is basically an everlasting devotion to approaching various problems and circumstances in innovative ways.

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